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Rock chip repair that restores both the beauty and integrity of your windshield

Whether it’s a small chip or a more significant crack in your windshield, prompt and professional attention is crucial. Nu-Vu Auto Glass is here to ensure your rock chip repair isn’t just a quick fix, it’s a restoration of your windshield’s structural integrity.

Minor windshield damage doesn’t have to turn into a major inconvenience. Stop by our location nearest you.

No appointment needed.

A trained technician will assess the damage to your windshield to determine the most effective solution. And with a process fine-tuned for your convenience and satisfaction, you’ll typically be driving away with confidence in under 30 minutes.

Don’t have time to wait?

Nu-Vu Auto Glass understands how hard taking time out of your day for appointments can be. That’s why we make it easy – we can come to you!

Our mobile auto glass service means you get the repair or replacement services you need – fast.

We stand behind our work. While we never anticipate an issue, your rock chip repair includes a one-year warranty (from the date of service) to guarantee our workmanship.

Our commitment to quality, community, and customer care has made Nu-Vu Auto Glass the clear choice for drivers who take pride in their vehicles – for over 60 years.

What Clients Are Saying

“Best place ever! I needed a rock chip repair fixed and they got me in right then. Their customer service went above and beyond. Will definitely be using them for all my glass repair!”

Tammy Andrews

“Quick and easy windshield chip repair. I paid cash so I didn’t have to submit a claim on my insurance. Instant service. All done in under 20 minutes.”

Crystal Bruner Harris

“Best place for rock chip repair and windshield replacement in town. Professional, quick response and quality work. I’ve used them multiple times and would recommend them to anyone.”

Trevor Anderson

“What a great experience! I had a huge rock chip and luckily they spotted another one and fixed both. The best part was my headlight covers. They treated them and my whole car looks brand new. Amazing work folks! Thank you!”

Jodie Rencher

“Saw the advertisement on tv for windshield rock repair service. No appointment needed was a plus. Did an excellent job!”

David Johnson

“Nu-Vu Auto Glass was quick and easy to get in. They went above and beyond to fix a rather large rock chip and were a fraction of the price of other companies in town. Next time I will know who to call and won’t wait so long to get it!”

Shaylah Dansie

Frequently Asked Questions

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Rock Chip Repair

How long does a typical rock chip repair take?

In most cases, a rock chip repair takes less than 20 minutes. Depending on if there’s any moisture in the chip, the repair may take a little longer to allow dry time before our technicians repair it.

How do I know if a rock chip can be repaired or if the windshield needs to be replaced?

Criteria for determining repair is based on size, depth, and location of the chip.

Generally, repairs can be done on rock chips about the size of a quarter or smaller. If a chip has adjacent cracks that span less than an inch, a repair may still be possible. Any cracks larger than an inch will be considered for a windshield replacement.

Can a windshield crack be repaired?

Due to advancing technology in the glass industry, windshield cracks up to 3 inches in length can be repaired safely and effectively. However, the location of the crack is of utmost importance and is a key determining factor, due to visibility and windshield integrity concerns.

After a repair, will I still see the chip or crack in my windshield?

We use a resin that is 10x stronger than glass to repair your windshield and stabilize the damaged area of the glass. While we cannot guarantee crack or chip repairs will vanish completely, the resin dries clear and significantly cleans up the look of your windshield.

Does insurance typically cover rock chip repairs?

Many insurance companies offer full coverage on rock chip repairs. Check with your insurance provider to find out what your glass policy covers. If not, Nu-Vu Auto Glass offers affordable out-of-pocket prices.

Should I wash my car before a rock chip repair?

No. It’s important that the rock chip is completely dry. Our technicians will clean out any dirt and debris before your repair.

Can I wash my car after a rock chip repair?

Yes. It’s completely safe to wash your car after a rock chip repair without the worry of damage to your windshield.